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Fernando Jorge / Alexandra Baldaque

With initial training in Modern and Latin Dances, they have been dancing and studying Tango since 1995, with some of the greatest teachers and dancers (Gustavo Naveira,  Giselle Anne, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Guillermina Quiroga, Carlos Gavito, Geraldine Rojas, Javier Rodriguez, Olga Besio, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, Pablo Veron, Carlitos Perez, Jorge Dispari, Maria del Carmen Romero, and many others).


They are members of the “IDO - International Dancing Organization”, founding members of the “International Academy of Argentine Tango” and were pioneers in the organization of International Tango Festivals in Portugal.


Post-graduated in “Tango, Political and Historical Genealogy” from the University of Buenos Aires - UBA.


Internationally awarded, they were European Tango Salón Champions 2011, Metropolitan Milonga Champions Buenos Aires 2019, represented Portugal in several European and World Championships. They were 6 times Finalists in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires and 5 times Finalists in the Metropolitan Championship of Buenos Aires.


1st place in the Metropolitan Championship of Buenos Aires 2019 (MILONGA)

1st place in the European Championship of Argentine Tango 2011 - Torino (under the auspices of the Buenos Aires government)

2nd place in the European Argentine Tango Championship 2010 - Torino (under the auspices of the Buenos Aires government)

4th place in the 2013 Metropolitan Championship - Buenos Aires (VALS)

6 times Finalists in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires

5 times Finalists of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship.


They were invited to dance in some of the main Milongas and Music Venues in Buenos Aires and the World: Salón Canning, Sunderland, Circovador Troubadour, Vida Mia, Milonga Flower, Luna Park, Tango Porteño, La Trastienda, Teatro Coliseo, CC de San Martin. Palace of Parliament (Bucharest), Porchester Hall (London), Historische Stadthalle (Wuppertal), Gran Kursaal (San Sebastián), Theater (St.Petersburg), Palais de la Méditerranée (Nice), Belém Cultural Center, House of Music, Porto Coliseum, Porto Stock Exchange Palace, Figueira da Foz Arts Center, Lavra Auditorium, Famalicão House of Arts, Sá de Miranda Municipal Theater and Sá da Bandeira Theater.


They have more than 24 years of ball experience in Argentine Tango, 18 years of teaching experience and are responsible for the “Lição de Tango” school in Porto.


They organize, annually and since 2002, the Porto International Tango Festival.


They participated as “Maestros” and dancers in several International Tango Festivals in the World, in countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Holland, Italy, England, Finland, Spain, Russia, Greece, Turkey, China, India, Qatar and Portugal.


The truth of their dance is in the authenticity and naturalness with which they improvise their movements and stroll their souls.


Followers of the Villa Urquiza style, his Tango is intense and elegant.

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